The Adventures of Superhero Dan


The Adventures of Superhero Dan is a children's book series based on a Non-verbal Superhero who is on the Autism Spectrum but despite the challenges he faces it never stop him from saving the day. 

Based off one mum's journey with her own children who are on the Autism Spectrum Rachael Williams wanted to create a book so that her children could grow up in world feeling proud included. 

Autism may be defined as a disability but here we say its a different ability! 


Supporting People

People are individual and so are their needs, but here we cater for all!  

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Rachael Williams in my view is breaking new ground with her creativity and dedication to Autism awareness!

Rob Laffan- Owner & Founder of Tippy Talk


Congratulations. It’s a great book with so much soul & love.

Chris Jarvis- Little Radio & CBeebies