Rachael Williams is mother to Christopher, Jacob, Matthew and wife to Craig. Rachael is originally from Liverpool and Craig is from Swansea, however they currently reside in Surrey with their growing family and are expecting baby number 4 soon. 

Christopher 6, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 as was Jacob who is now 4, both attended specialist nurseries in Surrey that are sole for children on the spectrum and both children have thrived as a result of early intervention. 

Rachael believes early intervention is the best intervention and that a mothers intuition is never wrong! 

Rachael originally based her books on her journey with Christopher (before Jacob was born) because all they could do was go to the park (hence where the first book come from- Dan goes to the park). 

Rachael created the books because she didn't want her children to grow up and say as adults that they didn't get the opportunity to read books with children like them in it but she want to create a story book that gently raised autism awareness  without taking the magic of reading a good story at the same time. 

Autism maybe defined as a disability but to Rachael it is just a different ability.